About me

My name is Nevena Buljan. I'm a pastry chef, food photographer, food stylist, food writer, recipe developer and a pastry shop owner. I speak fluently English, French and Italian, and a bit of Spanish and Portuguese.
I started writing this blog 6 years ago.

I have been always interested in Scandinavian culture, food and language. Reading a lot about Swedish culture I heard about the name Ebba and loved it immediately. I decided to give a name to my blog - Ebba's cuisine.

I started to explore the world of food and nutrition when I was 15. I remember baking my first chocolate cake when Jamie Oliver's cooking tv show appeared.

Living in a town such as Trieste in Italy,  influenced a lot my blog and my cooking, though Croatian coastal cuisine is part of a Mediterranean cuisine. It is based on using always fresh and local ingredients which you can buy at local farmer's market.

I adore dark chocolate, seasonal vegetables, fresh fish, extra virgin olive oil and good coffee! 
I always want to try everything, explore, especially when I'm traveling. It's a passion for food and something that makes me happy on a daily bases.

If you wish to use my photos, please contact me first, as I'm the author of all the photos on this blog.

For business enquiries and food photography, contact me at: nevena_buljan@yahoo.co.uk.

I wish you all happy cooking! 


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